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Little alchemist diamond cards

little alchemist diamond cards

Diamond cards are only obtainable via the use of Diamond spins, Bought or earned during Events. A diamond spin is what occurs when a portal key is used to unlock a chest during wheel that randomly selects one of the available cards from the prize pool. Sup guys today I do some diamond spins and I will be uploading more to Little Alchemist Opening 50 Basic. Still analyzing the data for this, so no changes have been made. Games Movies TV Wikis. Arena Armory Arena Alchemist Types Boost Packs. Card Packs Sale Pack Currency. Level Lookup Combo Calc Basic Combo Calc Advanced. Top Users Yoshirahh Lescale2 Mr. How is it, that with 6 spins, captain jack casino code both landed on bronze 5 times and a silver once?


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Little alchemist diamond cards - dass

It happens now and then in life, get used to it. Docks Graveyard Factory Castle Town Church Forest Pet Store. Apr 27, Host Your Game on Kongregate An open platform for all web games! Arena Armory Arena Alchemist Types Boost Packs. Create your own and start something epic. And yes, I am aware of scratch cards they display the chance of winning on the back, usually about 4.

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